Thursday, November 17, 2005

Autodesk Cleaner 6.5 announced

San Rafael, Calif., November 16, 2005—Autodesk, Inc.(NASDAQ: ADSK), today announced Autodesk Cleaner 6.5 for Macintosh and Autodesk Cleaner XL 1.5 for Windows, the newest updates to its professional desktop media mastering and encoding software. Autodesk Cleaner is an industry standard application for encoding and optimizing video content for delivery formats ranging from the Internet and DVD to handheld mobile devices. New to Autodesk Cleaner software is encoding support for DivX version 5.2 player for Cleaner XL 1.5 and DivX 6.0 player for Cleaner 6.5 for Macintosh. Also added is the Flix exporter from On2 Technologies—that allows compressionists to publish video in .FLV and .SWF formats—the internet video formats supported by Macromedia Flash, the most widely distributed content player over the Internet.

Price? US$599; upgrades start at $125.

New Cleaner features include:
New output formats:

  • Flash video support (.flv and .swf) with On2 Flix Exporter
  • DivX Pro encoder
  • DivX 5.2 for Cleaner XL 1.5 for Windows
  • DivX 6.0 for Cleaner 6.5 for Macintosh

Updated codecs:

  • Updated Kinoma version 3 exporter
  • H.264 encoding through QuickTime 7 and support for Real 10.

Cleaner XL only new features:

  • Support for Autodesk Backburner
  • Command line script support for pipeline automation
  • New Input formats:
  • DPX, Cineon, OpenEXR
  • Wiretap support on input
Well it's about time. I really enjoy using cleaner. It just does certain things better than compressor, espically for web. MPEG-2 encoding, I'll stick with compressor.

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Hi, I was surfing the internet and happened on your blog. I'm quite impressed , with how this all works. This is one to watch.

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