Wednesday, January 18, 2006

BBC offers 80% subsidised conversion training to Final Cut Pro for freelance craft editors

Apparently the BBC Training & Development is offering an awesome offer to London based freelance editors; an 80% subsidised conversion course to professional editing system Final Cut Pro (version 5.0).
The period is limited so if you're in London and you want to get certified,

Final Cut Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack will no longer be available as seperate apps from Apple

Apple as of March will no longer be selling Soundtrack Pro, Motion, Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro as seperate Apps. They will only be available as a package in the Fianl Cut Suite. Earlier this week Apple told it's resellers about the change.

"The individual applications in Final Cut Studio will only be available as part of the suite," Apple told them.

So if you want to just get those apps seperatlet you better get it soon. Another point to think about is the point that if Apple does come out with a Pro Apps upgrade, the next version will be made to work with the new pentium processors Apple is incoprating into all their new computers.

Apple - Final Cut Studio

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Vlogging "Apple's Video Podcasting" with iLife

Yesterday Apple annouced an new application in their iLife Suite. It's called iWeb. It makes it very easy for mac users to make blogs, podcasts, something they are calling photo casting, and even vlogs or what they call "video podcasting". What do I think about this.

Pro's: EXTREMELY EASY to make your vlogs, podcasts and blogs using Apple's new software. This is great for those of you who are trying to get into it, but haven't figured it all out with RSS enclosers and the like.

1. It isn't remote. That means you have to have the program running on one computer all the time. If you re moving around and you want to update your podcast or blog from diffrent machines, ie.e school or office or home. Sorry not gonna work.
2. You HAVE to have a .Mac account to use this software. I can't publish this stuff to my own webserrver. Now if you are doing vlogs and podcasts, thet first 100mb with .Mac is gonna go fast.
3. Apple users only can use this. Sorry windows users.

Summary, if you wanna get started with vlogging and podcasting, this is a great solution, but if you want to continue, I don't see this as a viable option for you.

Apple's demo on video podcasing wit iWeb

Monday, January 02, 2006

Appe Relseases Final Cut Pro 5 Updates

It's a 85mb download. And there is littlee documentation on what improves other than the usual "improved relability" code Apple always uses. My advice, wait until that project you're working on now is done, see what people are saying about the update on the Apple support forum, then update.

Apple Final Cut Pro 5 Update download page

Shooting DV: Underwater page 1

If you're like me, you are already planning your summer vacation. I'm off to Thailand this summer. You bet your ass I'm gonna be doing some vlogging and filming underwater. So how do you go about this? Check out this great article on Shooting DV underwater.
Shooting DV: Underwater page 1

Looking forward to 2006

In 2004, the LA FCP User Group had a Feature Request Ballot of what they felt needed to be changed or added in FCP. You will see a number of functions such as Background Rendering and Multicamera track editing are in the FCP Studio. But not everything made it. There hasn't been a new ballot for 2005, and I wonder if there will be one for 2006. Time will tell.

Top Ten results 2004