Tuesday, February 28, 2006

For those who are still having problems syncing videos to their ipod. "Why can't I transfer videos to my iPod?"

Apple has some info for those who are having trouble syncing videos to their ipod. I say the biggest problem is that the vlog you are subscribed to are not supporting the iPod's format. The iPod has specific format requirements based on mpeg-4 technology. Here is the posting below:
Why can't I transfer videos to my iPod?:
If you see the error message below, iTunes has detected that one or more of the videos being synced from your iTunes Library are not in the correct format to be played on iPod.

iTunes can play a wide variety of video formats; however the Fifth Generation iPod only plays videos that are created in specific formats. Any music video, TV show, or movie purchased from the iTunes Music Store is designed to be playable on the iPod and can be easily synced with iTunes 6 or later.

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